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Curtis Smith. (2022). Homelessness and Housing Advocacy: The Role of Red-Tape Warriors. New York City, NY: Routledge.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

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*Reprinted in Jenny Pickerill, John Krinsky, Graeme Hayes, Kevin Gillan, and Brian Doherty. 2014.
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Book Chapter

Smith, Curtis, & Anderson, Leon. (2019). Unearthing Aggressive Advocacy. In Ethnography Uncensored:
Researchers Reflect on the Challenges of Reaching Hidden Populations, Edited by Miriam Boeri and
Rashi Shukla. University of California Press. 65.

Recent Media in 2020

2020. Smith, Curtis and Ernesto Castañeda.“How to Support People Who Are Experiencing Homelessness.” Scholar Strategy Network. Harvard University: Cambridge, MA.

2020. Smith, Curtis, Carina Cione, Deziree Jackson, and Ernesto Castañeda. “Speaking about Health Disparities: A Teachable Moment about Structural Racism” Medium.

Committee Work

2023 to Present. Founder and Director of the Poverty and Immigration Lab.

2021 to Present. Student Advisor in the Sociology Department at Bentley University

2021 to Present. Faculty Member of the Immigration Lab at American University.

2018-2022. Coordinated Community Response Team (for sexual violence victims).

2020-Present. Racial Justice Task Force Team.

2014-2021. Board Member at the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology and chaired the

Client Problem Solving Competition for students.