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Curt Smith Ph.D.

Homelessness; Social Inequality; Urban Sociology; Social Movements; Social Policy; Demography; Migration; and Mental Health

Publications (at a glance)

Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals:


Improving Homeless Point-In-Time Counts: Uncovering the Marginally Housed 

2018. Curtis Smith and Ernesto Castañeda

Social Currents

Fitting Stories: Outreach Worker Strategies for Housing Homeless Clients

2018. Curtis Smith and Leon Anderson 

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

Social Service Workers’ Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Fair Housing Laws

2016. Jennifer Roark, Jessica Lucero, Curtis Smith & David Parker

Journal of Social Service Research 


Can Atmospheric Temperature Predict Emergency and Transitional Shelter Population (ETSP) Density? A Geographically-aware Multilevel Analysis

2014. Siordia, Carlos, Ernesto Castañeda and Curtis Smith

Human Geography

Disparities in Hispanic and non Hispanic Homeless Populations in El Paso, TX

2014. Castañeda, Ernesto, Jonathan Klassen and Curtis Smith

Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.

Reprinted partially in Frankfort-Nachmias,‎ Chava and Anna Leon-Guerrero. 2017. Social Statistics for a Diverse Society. SAGE. Thousand Oaks, CA. pp. 239-243.

Health, Hope, and Human Development: Building Capacity in Public Housing Communities on the U.S.–Mexico border

2013. Mata, Holly, Maria Flores, Ernesto Castañeda, William Medina-Jerez, Josue Lachica, Curtis Smith, and Hector Olvera.

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.

The Homeless and Occupy El Paso: Creating Community among the 99%

2012. Smith, Curtis, Ernesto Castañeda and Josiah Heyman.

Social Movement Studies

​*Reprinted in Jenny Pickerill, John Krinsky, Graeme Hayes, Kevin Gillan, and Brian Doherty. 2014. Occupy! A Global Movement. Routledge: Oxford,

Book Chapter

Unearthing Aggressive Advocacy: Challenges and Strategies in Social Service Ethnography

2019. in Boeri and Shukla Ethnography Uncensored. University of California Press.


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Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS)

Committee Work

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS)


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Chair of the Client Problem Competition for students

AACS Client Problem Competition


 The Client Problem Competition (CPC) is an annual student team  competition held at the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology  (AACS) conference. The CPC event provides students with a  meaningful use of applied skills they learned in sociology, experience  in teamwork and time management, and serves as a valuable networking  opportunity for the next generation of practicing social scientists.